• So Late

    m3talsmith07/22/2014 at 15:47 0 comments

    I'm so late on this that I've had to withdraw from the contest. Work is currently at a halt until December due to other obligations that came up, but I hope to dive into it with gusto at that time :

  • Skynet niceties

    m3talsmith05/02/2014 at 04:30 0 comments

    A little late, but the past two days have been hectic. I'm using #skynet for my communications network because it gives me the ability to have an open source private #IoT network with hardly any effort.

    I recently finished implementing the #coap protocol in and during that effort I realized how badly skynet needs some testing and refactoring love.

    So, the past two days I've been building a plan for refactoring and implementing tests. Today I started building a new architecture to serve as the core of skynet and started writing tests for the sockets layer. This will also allow us to replace the underlying socket framework and work on a socket pool solution to get a more scalable system altogether.

    On the other side, @michael.e.hoskins has been working on the logo, some UI, and a general theme to any portal work for the stargates system.

    Hack on!