Thoughts on creating yet another revision with a crystal oscillator

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A mini Attiny85 target dev board

mcu_nerd 11/14/2017 at 17:160 Comments

Yes, I'm mulling over the idea of creating yet another revision.  The problem with getting digital servos to work reliably due to the internal oscillator not being stable enough could be solved using an external crystal but a drawback is that it would consume 2 I/O pins which is a big deal as there are few I/O pins to begin with.  I've seen those 4 pin surface-mount crystal oscillators that would only require 1  I/O pin.  I'm looking for an 8 MHz one that could work at both 3.3V and 5V, so if anybody has any suggestions please be sure to post a comment.

I've since become more convertible with manual routing traces with more recent projects, so the next revision would have manually routed traces. I would also probably do a ground plane as well. I could change the ICSP header from 10 pins to 6 pins to save board space but I do like being able to plug in my USBasp without needing an adapter.