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A project log for Operation: Try to Bare-Metal the Pi

OMG you can "bare-metal" Pi's??? What to do...?

Eric HertzEric Hertz 10/08/2016 at 14:240 Comments

"This project was last updated 7 months ago"

Sometime therebefore I put in the description that my pursuit of this "project" is mostly-dead, but not due to lack of information! So this "project page" remains as a placeholder for a bunch of great links brought to my attention.

Again, thank you to all who did and/or will!


So it's kinda interesting that over the past day or so my email inbox is filled with new folks following this project! Weird! Cool, but weird!

Hey Newbies, and those who haven't already! Check out the profile pages of the folks who've suggested resources! Their profile-pages are linked in the comments-section, the description, and elsewhere 'round this page. Them's some smart folk!


My original goals for this project kinda branched off to #sdramThingZero - 133MS/s 32-bit Logic Analyzer, but I have little intention to bare-metal that any time in the near future. But, who knows, these new follows are good reminder of bare-metalling... And, again, thanks to all the commenters for their links, 'round here... Should I go that route--now that I've finally ordered MyVeryFirstPi(TM)--I've got some great links here to start with!

And you, new-followers, do too!

Would be awesome to see if y'all come up with stuff, please leave a project-link in the comments-section!