Zero Acquired! And a good bare-metal starting-point

A project log for Operation: Try to Bare-Metal the Pi

OMG you can "bare-metal" Pi's??? What to do...?

Eric HertzEric Hertz 10/09/2016 at 07:550 Comments

Overly-wordy, too long, and much too blurry "proof" of this mythical electronic creature... If you believe the Sasquatch, UFO, or Unicorn-sighting videos, you'll believe this one!

[dwelch67] has what appears to be a great collection of bare-metal-pi examples... And really seems to know (and share) his/this shizzle.

And (interesting-timing?) recently my email's been getting some messages from his project... directly related to getting started with his project...

UPDATE: I've done the first "blinky" example from his code, and put my findings in the "Instructions" section of this project-page.

There might be some useful info, here, as well:

So, this whole bare-metalling thing may be quite a bit easier than I pictured, and maybe even quite a bit more common... But either way, Be Sure To Enter Your Project In The Contest! before November 8, 2016