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staticdet5staticdet5 02/26/2016 at 12:520 Comments

In operations, we usually do this afterwards (ok, sometimes we'll yell this out to each other if we're really in the shit), but I learned something today.

OK, not really "learned", as I've been doing this for years at one of my jobs. It sunk in two days ago that I should maybe try it here.


For those that don't know, samba is a Server Message Block (SMB) protocol implementation for Linux/Raspbian. With SMB enabled, it also allows for the Windows Naming Service (WINS) to be used. This allows the system to join a Windows workgroup.
So what?
This allows you to map a directory as a network drive within Windows (including Windows 10, as I just did it).

My issue was the lack of decent coding environments within my Raspberry Pi. I tried a couple, and they weren't doing it for me. I tend to use Notepad++ at one of my jobs, because that's what we use (I don't need to hear about what is better here. When you've got one other option, and your current situation sucks, go with the other option).
I tried getting other editors, but in the end, just sitting down and mapping the drive onto my Windows machine has work terrifically. I'm going to have to do this with most of my Pi builds.

I used this guide (I probably didn't need it... maybe):

Samba Share

One important note for the new folks: sudo is your friend! When you're setting this up, some of the comments are prefaced with "sudo", some aren't. It turns out that setting your smbpasswd needs sudo, but isn't written that way in the guide (Check the comments, towards the end). Real important. This won't work without it.

Once you've got your samba share set-up, you can use any editor that you want, as long as it is available on your networked computer.

Now, if I can just figure out why my threading commands aren't working....