Raspberry Pi 3 Migration

A project log for Raspberry Pi Sensor Network

A scalable, expandable home monitoring system designed for ease of use.

staticdet5staticdet5 03/28/2016 at 21:360 Comments

I got sick this weekend, so things slowed down a bit. I migrated both this project and the Pi Network Monitor over to Raspberry Pi 3's running Jessie. I used this opportunity to improve my system configuration documentation (my static IP procedure was dated and wasn't working correctly, as was my Adafruit git's and installs). With the fever, I got to some pretty stupid levels, and flailed against the computer for a bit. If I'm flailing against the install procedure, then it's not a good one.

For that reason, I'm going to repeatedly engage in this procedure when installing new nodes across the house. Right now I've got two working nodes at my desktop. The main loggging Node with BMP180 and ADXL345 sensors operational, and a WIP (Work in progress) network monitoring Node. These two will likely live here. I want the network sensor Node attached to the internet gateway (for now), while I'm learning better techniques for discovering what is on the network. The main logging node needs to be close to my desk because I'm experimenting like crazy on it.

I did set up a dedicated work area for setting up new Pi's. I'm planning on repurposing a couple of 2's that I have around the house for sensor Nodes to distribute around the house. I'm also going to grab two more 3's for distributing around the house, to possibly include outside the house, but specifically to use to develop BlueTooth and WiFi sensors.

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to set up a network around the house of thermal and pressure sensors