Bring CEC to CRT TVs via XBMC/Kodi JSON-RPC API!

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CEC lets the user control peripheral attached to the TV such as Android TV sticks, Roku, XBMC/Kodi etc. using the remote that came with the TV. It is available on most recent devices.

For the rest of us who are using older CRT TVs or TVs without CEC enabled, we have to find another way of controlling the devices. For XBMC/Kodi, I have to use a smartphone connected via Wifi.

This is cumbersome because the phone isn't always near or available.

This project is to build an ESP8266-centric solution that would convert IR signals from the TV's remote to XBMC/Kodi API calls.

Older TVs remote controls are a dime a dozen at flea markets and most of them are the multi-devices ones that were popular in the 90s/00s sporting a directional pad, an OK button and everything you'd need to control XBMC/Kodi.

I am making this to work with Sony remotes and XBMC/Kodi to begin with because this is my setup but I hope to make this open to configuration so it can be brand and targ
  • 1 × ESP8266 Brains + Wifi
  • 1 × IR4050 Infrared receiver

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