Small USB-powered power supply with "brain" and display

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This is a small DC power supply that connects directly into a USB port and is enough to power small electronic projects.

There are three voltage outputs: one is 5V direct from the USB, the second one is 3.3V, and the third one is regulated 1V...14.3V.

The total combined current is 500mA in compliance with the USB2.0 specs. The current can be measured on the regulated line, and can be monitored for protection on the 3.3V line.

Additionally there is a USB-enabled PIC18F25K50 microcontroller, which allows direct communication and control from the PC.

The heart of the power supply is a SEPIC circuit (in the current revision), built around NJW4132U2.

The best part of it is the nice and retro-looking bubble LED display.

This is so far. I had abandoned the work on this project for about a year, but now returning back to it with new ideas for improvement and the hope to see it finished and boards made.

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