A project log for Yet Another (PiZero) Wi-Fi 'Hat'

USB-less WiFi for the PiZero (and others)

jarocksjarocks 02/28/2016 at 22:140 Comments

I had some interesting ideas last week about a possible modular solution. With the abundance of SDIO cards available from sites like Aliexpress it would be nice to use these modules without any FCC testing (byo wifi). I ordered a couple cards from there earlier in the month but am not really holding my breath for them to come (guessing it'll be closer to the Summer months).

With that in mind, I made a more elegant looking SDIO Hat and have it out on order from OSH Park, more on that when the boards come back, which should be sometime in the next couple weeks.

I've updated my Github with the latest version of the WILC1000 based Hat and attached the updated schematic to this project page. Any feedback on errors is appreciated!

Also, congrats to all the winners of the first round of the Pi-Zero contest!