Layout and wirering ideas

A project log for Netflix socks with a Lilypad

Project to adapt the netflix socks to run on the Lilypad (+ adaption for playstation)

boekenwuurmboekenwuurm 03/31/2016 at 07:350 Comments

Last night I played around with the layout of the socks. As I use diffent components than the netflix design, I can't recycle their template. As I use less components, I should have more space. But I also planned to use conductive wire for added comfort. This could be problematic, as the power wire and the ground wire should cross each other a few time. I'm thinking of using a traditional wire for the power line at the moment, and conductive wire for the other connetions. Would that be a good idea?

Also, I tested all components the last month, and ordered replacement for the components that didn't work. I made a rigid prototype on cardboard with tape and temporary glue, to transport it, that I plan to temporary wire this evening. This would make a nice project to take along withme to Hacker hotel, a hacker event in the Netherlands this weekend. I hope to work some more on the code when attending!