Ultra simple storage system

Uses MDF and some clever machining to store parts drawer thingies

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I wanted to make a very simple to make, quick (only took an hour or so once I had everything in front of me) drawer system. I used to obsessively collect those bin drawer things, the ones with the grids of small clear plastic containers that slide into their front, but I realized those suck. You need huge frontal surfaces to get many bins, and you can't take them with you.

Instead I am using plastic compartment bins, the kind that you put fish stuff in. I found a very cheap kind at home cheapo that I could afford a bunch of.

I got some MDF, machined some stuff, and the method I'm using is to keep the parts count as low as possible. I've seen others do this via screwing little blocks to the sidewalls, but that's too complicated for me. Too many parts. Don't feel like it. This works great, even if it does look crap. I made it a while ago, only just posting now.

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tyspa wrote 02/21/2016 at 18:31 point

I have a similar system using these containers each component box is removable. very handy :) 

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