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A project log for IotPOS a Point of Sale for Raspberry Pi

Build your own DIY Point of Sale using a Raspberry Pi ZERO‚Äč/a+/b/b+/2 with a mini thermal receipt printer and IoT funtions.

hiram-villarrealHiram Villarreal 08/08/2018 at 23:390 Comments

Just copy and paste the following lines into a terminal:

git clone
cd iotpos
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./
To start using the point of sale, in terminal type:

     * The default and only user and password is (without quotation marks):
     username: "admin"
     password: "linux"
To start using the administration module, in terminal type:

After reboot you can find the apps inside start menu>others

For an easy first time use, all security settings are disabled.