Hacking the LEDs

A project log for Networked Low Resolution DMD Projectors

WiFi networked electro-mechanical 7x7 pixel flip-dot displays as giant DMDs (Digital Micromirror Devices) for low resolution projection

Michael ShaubMichael Shaub 02/25/2016 at 05:020 Comments

My test with 50 Watt LEDs purchased from Sure Electronics did not go well at all. Maybe the driver was under-powered or the LED was faulty. I looked for a plan B and found some decent options at the local hardware store. I picked up a 4 Million Candle Power searchlight (not LED), an LED work-light, and a 1200 Lumen LED Flashlight. Since the Flashlight worked really well reflecting off the flip-dot display using the adjustable focus, I decided to run with that.

The flashlight came with 9 AA batteries, so I assumed the LED had a driver that ran off 12V DC. But, when I took the flashlight apart and hooked my multi-meter up to the battery pack, it read 5V. It must have been using 3 sets of 3 batteries in series, running in parallel.