New PCB: 12% smaller, 12% cuter, 24% easier

A project log for Linear CCD module

TCD1304-based linear CCD module driven by a Nucleo F401RE + Raspberry Pi.

esben rosselesben rossel 11/12/2017 at 14:440 Comments

The latest firmware and PCB is here:

besides from being smaller, there's now a regulator on the supply voltage:

Vs = 1.22 (1 + R₂/R₁) = 1.22V(1+ 2.7kΩ / 1.2kΩ) = 3.96V

The pinout has been changed:

and so has the GPIOs on the STM32F401re, so everything's much easier to connect:

(The CCD-PCB in the picture is a prototype)

As always go to to be sure to get the latest and greatest firmware and software, and instructions to match.

The PCB is available directly from

It's only the UART-firmware that has been updated. The SPI-version will follow shortly.

Both firmwares (SPI and UART) been updated with the new GPIO-configuration: