Schematic 90% complete

A project log for Haathi Board

Haathi Board aims to be a low cost and developer friendly platform for the iMXRT1050 SoC

PrithviPrithvi 03/25/2018 at 01:010 Comments

The schematic capture for the Haati board is 90% complete. We just have to pass the schematic under a rigorous to make sure that we aren't messing something important. And it comes at a time when A1 version of the silicon of i.MX RT 1050 has become available at Digikey and the migration guide from A0 is released. 

To choose between power sources, the user can use a slider switch on Haathi board to select from the following options:

A coin cell holder is provided to power up the low power real-time clock and non-volatile highly protected storage section of the SoC.

Among the boot options, the user can boot from either the Quad SPI flash memory or the SD Card. This can be change by selecting the boot mode on a DIP switch. Also possible is a Serial downloader from USB OTG and UART.