Robot Cars and Robot Bikers

A project log for IQ Zero: Evolving Unprogrammed Robots

Clueless, broken robots thrive on Genetic Algorithms and Procedural Generation

Die, Master Monkey!Die, Master Monkey! 02/24/2016 at 07:361 Comment

Hilariously, YouTube "related" one of my uploads about "IQ Zero" to this talk from Ben Goertzel (whom I've met, he's a cool cat) about Artificial (rather, Algorithmic) General Intelligence. His example about a car-driving program in a motorcycle perfectly illustrates what this project is about.

(Omg you can just paste vids here?)

So this is why the "components" list is empty, except for an Arduino-C compatible processor: The entire point of this project is to be able to plug IQ Zero into whatever - and have it just figure out how to make itself useful.

PS I'm totally gonna' be posting video updates in these log things then, cause you don't get a description on links.


Die, Master Monkey! wrote 02/24/2016 at 07:38 point

P.S.S. His example is at 19:35 - he really just points-out that an AI built for driving a car won't know how to drive a motorcycle.

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