IQ Zero in "Box3" Arena

A project log for IQ Zero: Evolving Unprogrammed Robots

Clueless, broken robots thrive on Genetic Algorithms and Procedural Generation

Die, Master Monkey!Die, Master Monkey! 02/24/2016 at 19:510 Comments

Bot Versus Ball in Box of Doom

Okay so there's no doom, but that's a catchy title, no? Placed in charge of bouncing a box with a ball in it to stimulate a motion detector, "Zero" quickly discovers a quite optimal technique requiring minimal motion, and doing quite a good job of letting gravity do much of its work!

This is precisely the same code as in any other "Zero" - it has no idea what it's doing, only that when it happens to use this random seed with these combinations of values in the body it currently inhabits, it is often fed. It likes being fed, and it likes passing on its genes to future generations.

"And that's all Skynet really was, son."

Hmm, did I say there was no doom in this post?

Yes I know, where's the diagram, on the way boss! :)