IQ Zero Box 8 Run w/Timelapse

A project log for IQ Zero: Evolving Unprogrammed Robots

Clueless, broken robots thrive on Genetic Algorithms and Procedural Generation

Die, Master Monkey!Die, Master Monkey! 03/16/2016 at 00:550 Comments

This run with the latest (ATTiny) version is a good illustration of the GA technique as it's applied in this project. Again the bot is scored on how well it stimulates the Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) - usually by jostling the ball as much as possible. And as before, the values for its operations are pulled directly from the seed-controlled PRNG.

More discussion after the vid.

The clip fast-forwards through 35+ generations, and in that time the bot goes from using all of its servos all of the time to what appears to be a more efficient locomotive pattern that often bounces the ball violently.

A few factors play into what behavior scores best:

Importantly, the GA does not approach some sort of "perfection" and stay there: It continues to mutate, constantly. This - again - is what excites me so much about these techniques: These kinds of robots could adjust constantly to changing demands, or opportunities.

There is considerable work to be done still - I'm currently focusing on the following:

Stay tuuuuuuuunnnnnned!