Pi Tab (7")

7" fully functional Pi Zero tablet with GPIO access, 6-8 hours of work time

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No more need for a bunch of cables and adapters to make the Pi Zero running. Now it is as portable as a tablet and it is a tablet. Just switch it on.

Small, portable, reliable, everything that Pi Zero needs in one place.

7" 800x480 LCD with touch + virtual onscreen keyboard (custom software, will upload a link)
Pi Zero
7000 mAh battery (140x90x3.5 mm) (6-8h)
2 0.5 W speakers
power, battery, charge indicator LEDs
2 USB ports type A
USB micro B for charging
GPIO direct access
slim design (15 mm thick)
micro SD direct access
tiny NTSC camera with night vision, mic and IR LEDs
*maybe GSM/GPS module

approximate tablet dimensions (+/- 2 mm): 110x163x15 mm

Pi Tab is more than just a tablet, it is a fully functional Linux machine with the Pi ready for projects/hacking/prototyping.

Scheme shows all electronic parts except batteries. Everything is to scale, cables are placed figuratively, will be managed when the actual prototype is being built.

All the electronic parts will be secured with machine screws inside the plastic case and wires will be neatly placed so that every part can be accessible. The case will be made from three parts: front part, side part with pcb mounts, battery mounts and cable management system (pcb monts are still being developed), and the cover with 4 holes for machine screws.

3D model is to scale, actual opening positions may vary by 1 mm, LCD is in level with top plastic panel.


- On the left side will be most of the things: 2 USB ports, slide switch, 2 indicator LEDs and a micro USB charging port.

- Top side: GPIO pin access (90 degree header connector soldered to the Pi)

- Bottom side: speakers

- Back side: camera

For me, personally, it is really important to have battery powered portable Raspberry Pi that can be used at any time, to be able to just flick a switch and boot it up without plugging any cables, adapters, extra monitors and stuff. If user wants to use keyboard and mouse instead of touchscreen he/she just needs to plug the dongle or cable in one of the USB connectors on the tablet. It is much easier to make projects portable and no need for a wall socket for 6-8 hours.


Same thing as TOP, just from the bottom side

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 347.75 kB - 02/28/2016 at 15:45



All components (boards) of the tablet (except camera and WiFi) in 3D. Top view

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 245.59 kB - 02/28/2016 at 15:44


Pi Tab bottom.png

3D model (in final version edges will be round)

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 154.74 kB - 02/25/2016 at 17:39


Pi Tab front.png

3D model (in final version edges will be round

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 143.15 kB - 02/25/2016 at 17:39


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  • Interior done!!!

    Martin02/28/2016 at 15:59 0 comments

    I put everything in its place, the 3D design is at its end ( now I'm making the inner part of the case for boards and wires).

  • Almost done with design

    Martin02/28/2016 at 15:48 0 comments

    Uploaded under Files: 3D model of all electronics inside (except WiFi and camera, still working on that). Everything will fit!!!!! And there will still be some space left.

  • Project log

    Martin02/25/2016 at 10:06 0 comments

    Feb 24 2016 3D model of enclosure is partially done.

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