Korg Volca Beats: 2 Standart Mods

Snare Mods "104 in C78" and "2,2k in 013" + Midi-Out Mod

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This project is based on the ordinary Snare Mod you can find anywhere on the Internet. I decided to realize it because i want to refresh my engineering skills, although i need these mods to do a proper performance ;). The Midi-Out Mod is taken from a blog i found while searching for ways to do this mod. Both sources are listed below!


  • 1 × Korg Volca-Beats of course
  • 1 × 104 Ceramic-Capacitor 100nf; 50v
  • 1 × 2,2k Resistor
  • 2 × Heat-Shrink Tube
  • 1 × Midi-Port

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  • Broken Op-Amp fixed

    nf.orange07/27/2016 at 02:19 0 comments

    Some time ago i broke one of the two op-amps which are running the snare. It happened by accident as we tried to fix a broken solderpoint of the newly integrated 2.2k resistor. These op-amps are part of the envelope-section. After we spend some time researching we found out that the big op-amps of the envolope-section is a quad-op amp produced by Texas Instruments, so we decided to use a similiar op-amp also made by Texas Instruments. We've chosen the single-op amp from the same series as the quad-op amp, which is the Texas Instruments LM321MF. We bought a bunch of them and replaced the broken one. The operation was a success! The sound is nearly the same, there are no sensible changes in the envelope of the snare.

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  • 1
    Step 1

    Snare Mod "104 in C78":

    This mod makes the sound of the volca-snare sharper and brighter. If you want to do this you first have to find the C78 spot on the circuit. You can find it at the lower half of the circuit. This spot looks like there once used to be a resistor or something else. At this parcticular place you have to solder on a ceramic capacitor with the number 104 ( 50v; 100nf ). The sound should noticable change while you hold the capacitor there.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Snare Mod "2,2k in 013":

    This mod makes the snare much louder. Like in the first mod you just have to solder on a new item onto the circuit. In this case it is a 2,2k resistor that is going to be placed in the 013 spot. You can find it at the lower right half of the board. Right under the number you can see a small resistor. Hold and later solder on your new 2,2k resistor right onto it. Again the sound should noticable change.

  • 3
    Step 3


    This Mod enables you to use your Volca-Beats as a "clock". The output sends the "speed"-signal form the unit as well as 10 sounds. To add this to your Volca, search for the three spots "TX", "GND" and "VD" that are located on the underside of the board. There you can see them on the upper half. You have to connect these spots with the Midi-port, in particular with its inner three sockets. From left to right they should be connected like this: 1. Socket: None; 2. Socket: TX; 3. Socket: GND; 4. Socket: VD; 5. Socket: None.

    [!] To finish the mod we located the Midi-port onto the upper side of the Volca unit. We managed this with drilling a hole into the aluminiumplate and melting through the abs-plastic beneath it. Of course we put off the plate first. Before we placed the port into the new hole we decided to mount it onto some screws, 'cause of the rare space inside the unit. [!]

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