The office water bottle meter

This project uses an RPi Zero+usb hub+webcam to measure and broadcast the water level of office water bottles

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Office water bottles are ubiquitous on the workplace. However, these fountains do now have any way to get digital measures of how much water the bottle still have. Therefore, the office/school janitor has to visually inspect the bottles to see the level and replace or fulfill them with water.

This project’s idea is to use a USB webcam connected to a USB hub plugged into a RPI Zero with a WiFi module. The webcam will be placed on top of the bottle or on a wall nearby. A simple OpenCV edge detection algorithm will identify the water level. Then, the data will be send to a dashboard placed on a TV monitor connected to another RPI Zero near the place where the janitor walk when checking to work. This project will help the janitor, but also will allow a better understanding of water consumption allowing the prediction and forecast of future water bottle purchases.
  • 2 × Raspberry Pi Zero
  • 1 × TV Monitor (for the dashboard)
  • 1 × USB Hub
  • 2 × 5V 1A Power Supply & USB A/Micro B Cable
  • 2 × Miniature WiFi (802.11b/g/n) Module: For Raspberry Pi and more Capacitors / Ceramic

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