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A project log for Sunrise - DLP 3D Printer, printable.

Open source 3D printable DLP 3D printer.

jaime-garcaJaime GarcĂ­a 05/16/2016 at 17:000 Comments

Hello maker! Thank you for standing by.

The lack of updates on this project is more than noticeable, specially when I wrote the previous posts out of thrill. This post here tries to explain that silence, and tries to draw the future lines for this project as well.

I started working on Sunrise as part of my internship in BQ, in April 2015. I was finishing my studies as an engineer, while working half-time with this wonderful bunch of people, that formed the Innovation Department. By the time I opened this project in Hackaday, I was finishing writing my final thesis, so I fed the log with what I was doing, but didn't have time to update on anything else. I really had the intention to make this an actual log of the progress made on the project.

I was about to finish the thesis, the department was peaking in creativity, and we were ready to become a quite interactive entity of the open source community, when due to some financial mumbo jumbo the company had gotten into, BQ decided to fire the whole of the Innovation Department

I won't reflect any opinions upon the subject, because it doesn't matter, and because actually I'm not that mad with them. It's just sad, but for a while they were an opportunity for us to develop this collection of wonderful projects in open source, and I'm pretty happy about that.

As a TL;DR, I can conclude that this project is currently unsponsored, and all future progress on this project will go on it's own steam.