First PCB - The good, the bad & the ugly

A project log for Raspberry Pi Bake-Off

"The missing power button of the Raspberry Pi"

erland-lewinErland Lewin 04/02/2016 at 12:110 Comments

I received the PCBs and assembled the first board.

The good part is that the parts of the basic circuit that I've tested seem to work as planned.

The bad part is that the USB Micro B male plug thatI'm using had no mechanical connection to the board. It's just attached two five small pads. It is probably made to be molded in a plug. I could 3D print an enclosure to hold it.

Fortunately I designed extra connections to power out, so the next step will be to cut a micro B cable and solder it to the board.

The ugly is that two footprints didn't match the components, so I had to do some ugly patching, but it worked out.