Post 2- Meeting with Project Sponsor

A project log for Bowling Ball Pendulum

Working on a scientific art piece to add pizzazz to the McMichael Science Center at Elon University.

Peter VictoratosPeter Victoratos 04/14/2016 at 20:000 Comments

So I chose my project sponsor to be my first semester physics professor, Dr. Kamela. We've had a pretty solid relationship throughout the semester and even into my preceding semesters when I did not have him as my professor. He was the one who suggested doing a project of this breed. Our plan for this project is to definitely do a bowling ball pendulum however the size is up for discussion. As awesome as a full-sized pendulum would be (would be around the size of a mini-school bus), it may be too expensive for the budget I have to work with. ALSO, my plan was to initially display it on campus however Elon is a very pristine-looking campus and most things are uniform, adding a piece as odd as this might not go over well with those in charge of campus grounds. This will require more reserach into materials as well as permission from the campus.