The Beginning...

A project log for DroneNet: The Quad Chronicles

Unmanned Hybrid-Vehicle System utilizing a Rover and a Quadcopter equipped with a regenerative charging system.

ironbitironBit 04/30/2014 at 18:200 Comments

We started this project for our Senior Design Project. The project includes 4 Electrical Engineering majors. We decided we wanted to build something that was awesome, had a lot of real world applications, contained a good amount of design work and would be really fun to build. These are our early pictures and prototypes to show the progress throughout the whole build. 

Here is the Initial Prototype platform...

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We then scaled it up to a wider tank tread and ran into huge issues with the torque on our motors (which is why we ended up going to the mecanum wheels you will see later).

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And the initial prototype for the controller..

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