First 2 sessions with 11th grade students.

A project log for R.Ian, simple and easy built robot for education

R.Ian is meant so be simple to build but have interesting capabilities useful for teaching programming

Audrey RobinelAudrey Robinel 03/07/2016 at 23:360 Comments

Today, i had my second programming class with 11th grade student, scientific option. Everything went well, and in less than 1 hour, they had coded multiple algorithms to the robot : obstacle avoidance with the contact switches, and then scanning ahead with the servo mounted front sensor.

As i have not done the cover yet, for those two sessions, they used it without it. From this, i learnt a few things.

I will thus be improving this design in the next weeks to solve those issues.

About the students : they are 11th graders from Guadeloupe (a french west indies island), and have no programming class at school. I go there once a week, for an hour, and bring robots for them to program and learn programming. It's not an official class, i'm not paid for this or anything. However, next year, i'll use this robot for my computer science class.