Serial Dev 2232

a handy two-channel FT2232 prototype board (e.g. SPI/UART + JTAG)

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In the past I've repeatedly found myself in the situation of needing a quick evaluation and demonstration platform for sensors or low level peripheral breakout boards.
The usual suspects are UART, SPI and I2C and on top of that a JTAG interface for programming and debugging.
The SerialDev2232 board is a 50 x 50 mm² PCB that breaks out the two MPSSE ports, one as a JTAG / SPI / UART port, the other one as a full featured interface including the 8 bit parallel / bit banging interface for when you really need it.

Half of the PCB is dedicated to 5V, 3.3V, 1.2V supplies, 12 MHz clock source and a fully implemented FT2232H all of which also feed into a linear header (cut the PCB in half for breadboard depolyment). The rest is just 0.1" perf board. In the picture the board is shown with an LDC1000 piggy-backed to it. The secondary socket is for an FPGA board (SPI + JTAG, see XO345).

SerialDev2232 was developed as a stand-alone prototype board that has the same features as the Lattice MachXO2 / MachXO3 breakout boards. Check out my XO345 project to see what can be accomplished with a miniature MachXO3 device hooked up to JTAG and 4-wire SPI lines of the FT2232H.

That at least was my test rig to develop a sort of ASIC hybrid that replaces another USB interface chip and implements a Slave SPI peripheral. This new peripheral is hooked up to the FT2232 expressing a 4-wire Master SPI. (Further reading: Lattice RD1125).

However I'm always interested in new sensors and peripherals and I'm increasingly uncomfortable with test jigs that lose wires and parts during transport or have patch cables ripped out by accident.

The SerialDev2232 should be in a price range where you'd just buy one and build your sensor evaluation setup, hook it up to a Raspberry Pi, Windows PC or laptop and dive into register maps and buffers of the peripheral.

I've made excessive use of COMSPI (see links) during development of a Slave SPI device on a MachXO2-7000 and MachXO3L-1300.

Besides SPI the default interface is UART (VCP) but you can also have I2C on the LibMPSSE-I2C level.

Eagle design files, top and bottom images w/ labeling

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FT_PROG template.xml

since the FT2232H has a configuration EEPROM attached, these settings can be written with the FT_PROG tool to initialize the USB device and set all values accordingly. Since it targets mainly non-UART applications, the VCP drivers are deactivated. This can be changed back easily with FT_PROG.

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