New design, new hardware

A project log for The ZStation: an 8 bit game console

This little project is part of a series of consoles im making

FloppidyDingoFloppidyDingo 01/03/2017 at 05:570 Comments

Thanks to an increased budget, I have been able to improve the specs on this game console by a lot. Now it's something I like a lot and I have the parts ordered and on the way. I also have a development studio in progress so games are easier to make. Everything about this console has been redone and improved, and expect a lot more updates on this since I'm able to finally build it!

I have found a minor design mistake already, and a pretty embarrasing one too. On the board layout, the IRDA module is BACKWARDS!!! It's a pretty easy fix, I'll just solder the module upside down so the pins are in their correct place and the module isn't facing the wrong way. Still don't know how I managed to do that.