Long Overdue Update

A project log for The ZStation: an 8 bit game console

This little project is part of a series of consoles im making

FloppidyDingoFloppidyDingo 10/26/2017 at 23:350 Comments

Hello everyone! It's time for a long overdue update. The first boards for some reason wouldn't allow me to program the STM32 chip through UART. I'm not sure why so I just redesigned the board entirely. Now the STM32 is programmed through USB, plus I added more RAM and improved the power supply. The components are here now I'm just waiting on the boards to arrive.

While I'm waiting, I've been writing the firmware for the console. It's going to be running a lightweight multitasking operating system called Walls that I've been making and it's specifically designed to be for game consoles. It has a light overhead and only provides a way to run multiple tasks at once, along with providing interfaces for loading files and driver access. This will be the operating system I will use for all of my game consoles and only provides the bare essentials. If you want features like a GUI or a file browser or even security, those can be added. It is nowhere near complete, but code will be available when I do finish it.