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Cyrille BenoitCyrille Benoit 04/27/2016 at 23:580 Comments

Last week, our team went to London to participate to the Eurobot UK competition.

The day before, our robot was not ready to compete at all : it was not able to move.

Three members of our team made a sleepless night in order to prepare our robot which was ready on April, 21st's morning.

We did a great job by understanding how to control the acceleration and breaking of the two brushless motors.

Indeed, we firstly thought that when the brushless motor was receiving nothing while going forwards, it would stop. But it just stops the acceleration. To stop the robot, we had to use the opposite value to break.

Same idea for going backwards, if you just ended up breaking, you had to return to the neutral position before using the "negative" value.

Also, we decided to focus on the moving ability only and not the fishing arm because we ran out of time.

In the morning, we went to the Middlesex University to do the last adjustments to our robot before the approbation. We used this precious last minutes to add the proximity sensor and allow us to move forward.

After some adjustments on the robot height and the orientation of the flag, we got approved with our first prototype.

The first match was stellar, our robot which was just able to go forward for 4 seconds before standing still until the end of the timer and open the flag beat a couple of robots which looked pretty powerful. We think we only won because their robots did not move from the starting area, but even then, the game and win were really really intense.

The second game was a bit less stellar, but still. Our robot deviated a bit on the right, and did not push totally the items it had to. We won with a difference between the two team inferior to 5 points.

The third and final game for us has shown a dysfunction with the moving system. Our robot trend to go on the right increased since the second match.

This competition was for us a really good opportunity to test our robot and understand what would not work before the Germany and France Eurobot rounds.

This week we've worked a lot on the issues our robot faced during Eurobot UK. We hope our work will pay and we'll go even further than our 12th position we got this time.