A project log for Tote HaD

Special edition of Tote for the Belgrade workshop.

├░eshipu├░eshipu 04/07/2016 at 15:220 Comments

I finished the Arduino code and flashed to all the boards, and now I'm in the process of flashing the Python code onto all the ESP-01 modules, and setting their SSIDs.

As usual, the software doesn't do all that I wanted it to do. By default it makes the robot walk forward and listen for connections. I wrote a small PyGame program that lets you control the robot from your computer with the keyboard. That's it.

Things I wanted but didn't have time to do:

However, all that can come in the future versions of the software. During the workshop I will show you how to modify and flash the software for both of the microcontrollers, so hopefully you will be able to perform the updates when new versions become available here.

Oh, the code repository is at: