• This is how we spell...

    Ebob03/07/2016 at 04:45 0 comments


    After days of research and getting down voted on a snobby Electrical Engineering forum for "not asking a proper question"..pfft... I got the IR LEDS working with the 9V battery.

    Found a wonderful site that does all the calculations for finding resistance when working with LEDs AND gives a diagram in your preferred format, if your a NOOB to electronics like me check it out:



    Now I can work on setting up the pi with the camera and LCD and design the enclosure. Stay tuned!

  • LED, Ya you know me

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    Project Log 0002

    Hours of researching the best way to wire up my IR LEDs. Seems like parallel is best. But Ive never used a breadboard and mucked it all up somehow.

    My resistor value is correct I think:



    R=10 (with voltage drop of 1.5V over 9 LEDs)

    Nothing happened, used my handy multimeter to check power was coming in.

    Somehow fried 8 LEDs!!!! oh the humanity!!.....unless they never worked, but I got them from Adafruit so Im sure they were legit.

    I'll have to begin with a fresh brain tomorrow and just wine about it tonight.

  • LCD woes

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    Project log 0001:

    Forgot I had superglued the LCD on a piece of plexiglass, ill have to take a look at my solvents.

    Also didnt take into consideration that the LCD requires power, maybe there is a way to combine it with the PI??? If not I have and extra battery pack that came in a case of beer.

    The future is meow!