Fast Scooters, the Easy (eBay) Way

A project log for The Razor E300 Overvolt!

Building an electric scooter with some real power.

TKTK 01/11/2018 at 07:130 Comments
After our last update, we were flying along at 39 km/h and doing burnouts all over town! But all great things must come to an end, including the poor MOSFETs we'd crammed into that stock speed controller.

This gave me a new opportunity - why not check out some of the off-the-shelf overvolt kits and see how they go with the ridiculous motor and battery setup? That's exactly what I did!

Fundamentally, results were just okay. The overvolt controller from Fastscooters isn't built to handle such a large motor and we only hit 26 km/h. That said, it's an easy, accessible way to get into scooter mods, and that's cool. 

Naturally, we're going to cram it full of fat MOSFETs and ruin the current limits. Watch this space. 

Till next time,
TK out