3D Printed Electronic Components: Next?

A project log for Opensource 3D Printed Electronic Components

A collection of OS 3D printed electronic components you can assemble on demand faster than buying/ordering in person or online.

progressthProgressTH 03/03/2016 at 08:220 Comments

March 3, 2016 | ProgressTH We've been working on some other projects and in the meantime, we've been periodically testing V.2 of the microswitch for continuity to make sure it is still working.

The next step will be working on our DIYbio centrifuge V.2 (check out V.1 here) which will include a microswitch so that it turns on when you close the cover, and turns off when you open it back up. It will have to be designed so that you can use the 3DP version of the microswitch or the common manufactured variety.

After that, we have an idea for a toggle switch using magnets, thanks to feedback on our microswitch on Thingiverse.

Part of proving the worth of these components is integrating them into real projects.

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