Matador lite v1.0

A project log for Project RedMatador

Project RedMatador is the whole of an ever expanding IoT system currently being developed. The base of which is a wireless web server.

Alexander_hineAlexander_hine 03/30/2016 at 14:201 Comment

Matador lite v1.0 cryptographic encoder has been successfully written in Python and tested. This is the alpha test for the eventual Red Matador chromocrytographic encoder that will be the final product. The algorithm is designed as a keyless lite encoder for non-critical data. The idea is creating an encoded version of text/file and being able to decipher it using the embedded logic of the binary file it produces. This "key in the code" format allows anyone with the algorithm to break the code.


Alexander_hine wrote 03/30/2016 at 14:27 point

it should be noted that this method is a lite deterant and not meant for serious protection of data. It is solely used to explore keyless encoding and decoding.

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