• Patience Is A Virtue

    Frank Vigilante03/04/2016 at 01:31 0 comments

    Those familiar with the Arduino IDE are used to being able to immediately access Serial Data in the Serial Monitor after the sketch successfully uploads. That is not the case with the Arduino 101. After your program uploads, you need to wait 5 seconds before opening the Serial Monitor, or you will get the error below.

  • Restart CPU after First Plug In

    Frank Vigilante03/03/2016 at 10:36 0 comments

    The set up of the Curie went very smooth. Drivers automatically installed using Windows 10. I also did not have issues adding the Arduino 101 to the Arduino IDE via the boards manager in the IDE. With all that luck, I was hoping to not have to restart the Arduino IDE or my CPU before uploading a sketch. That was not the case. Before doing anything I checked the Device Manager in Windows and saw that the Curie was only showing as a USB Serial Device on COM22. Rebooting my computer provided the recognition of the Curie that I was looking for as it now showed up as the Arduino 101 in the Device Manager.

    If all else fails...restart everything