Math behind the serpentinoid movement

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Modular self-reconfigurable robot, focused on all-terrain search and rescue operations using bio-inspired locomotion mechanisms

AlbertoAlberto 10/20/2016 at 18:070 Comments

Hello there!

Hoping to answer some questions, here you can find the mathematical equations describing the serpentinoid movement:

The studies by Hirose were the first ones on modelling the snake movement:

Hirose, Satoshi. Biologically Inspired Robots (Snake-like Locomotor and Manipulator.: Oxford Science Press, 1993.

You can also check this derived paper:

Simulation Study of Snake-like Robot’s Serpentine Locomotion Based on Recurdyn

; by Wang Nan, Pang Bo and Zhou Sha-Sha

And this documentation in Spanish by Juan González:

(I will probably make a document with all the documentation I´ve used as soon as I can…)