Dtto modular robot Work Team!

A project log for Dtto - Explorer Modular Robot

Modular self-reconfigurable robot, focused on all-terrain search and rescue operations using bio-inspired locomotion mechanisms

AlbertoAlberto 01/31/2017 at 09:350 Comments

Hello there!

We are now a small group of people actively working on the project! Some things that we are currently trying to improve are:

- More powerful main actuators

- Smaller coupling mechanism

- Controller software

- Robot software! (We still need some software guys interested in robotics :D)

- Redesign of the module: Same size, +1 DOF

We are working together in this gdrive folder; it´s open for everyone to see what´s happening inside :)

If you are interested in sharing something with us, please, don´t hesitate to contact us and we will add you to the workteam!