Interactive RPG Gaming Table

A rear projection table meant to display RPG game board and accept user input via table surface

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This idea came to me because of my annoyance of having to deal will poorly drawn, printed, or lack of RPG game boards when playing in person pen and paper RPGs.

I will use a short throw projector to display the game board directly onto the rear projection surface. The surface will be made up of acrylic with a repurposed rear projection tv screen diffuser on top. This will give me a sturdy game board that is bright enough to be used in a lit room, and since the diffuser is layed out on top I will have close to a first layer display avoiding that annoying glass over LCD some DIY virtual table tops have. The interactive part will come from a wiimote whiteboard interface also behind the screen and IR tokens. This should control a RPG mapping tool like Maptool or d20pro running on a pc.


1. Rear projeciton screen bright enough to view in lit room

2. Screen is as close to a first layer display as possible while still being a strong table surface

3. User able to interact with the table via the surface

  • 1 × Hitachi CP-A100 short throw projector
  • 1 × Rear projection TV diffuser or Frosted shower currten the screen
  • 1 × Acrylic sheet .22x24x39in screen support
  • 1 × webcam w/ wide angle conversion

  • Still working

    kevin09/30/2016 at 13:46 0 comments

    Was able to get a code base from a guy. He worked on a similar project back in 09 and documented it here, also found some other useful links

    I will be moving away from the Wiimote whiteboard base now that I have this code that is already set up for RPGing. This code base using a wide-angle webcam and IR floods to detect shadow blobs on the surface, it should also be able to detect fiducial markers

  • Set up the 90° screen

    kevin03/09/2016 at 15:53 0 comments

    I have a better sense of what the dimesions of the table will be now. I also see that the screen has a weird glare. I dont know if this is caused by the diffuser or the protective film that i still have on the acrylic. I think i will try the shower curtain and see if that gives a better viewing angle.

  • Got he projector working and built proto table

    kevin03/07/2016 at 19:28 0 comments

    Purchased Hitachi CP-A100 on ebay for 50, it had a good bulb but a bad gear on the mirror. Fixed the gear, and now I have a projector that can project a 60in screen from less than a foot away. I built the screen and prototype table just need to build the projector mount to test and figure out the dimensions I will need moving forward.

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Michael Alan Noble wrote 08/06/2020 at 22:17 point

is it good for card gaming?

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anton.fosselius wrote 03/14/2016 at 04:30 point

Have you seen: ?

I would go with and a PS3 Eye ;)

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kevin wrote 03/14/2016 at 12:25 point

Yea, I was looking into that, but for now I wanted to just get this working as simple as possible and the smart board stuff will be bale to do that, I hope. Have you used the ccv library at all? I'm wondering how easy it is to use the library.

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