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Exactly what it sounds like, but cool

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As one might guess, this is a calculator that runs in the command line. I wanted a nice calculator that was cross-platform and had tons of handy features. I also wanted it to run in the command line because I love the flexibility of command line programs. It has C ish style syntax and does tons of stuff (matricies, save variables, automatically load in variables like pi or plank's constant, help menus, functions like sine, save records of calculations, etc.). It is written entirely in C++.

The program is mostly complete and works nicely. I use it all the time for a myriad of jobs and have come to love it. There are still plenty of bugs, but it is some 530e3 lines of code so cut me some slack ;-). It runs on mac, linux, and windows, but some recent updates I've made will make it mac/linux only until I make some minor adjustments. If you want to give it a try, you'll need a C++ compiler (I test w/ clang++ and g++ so those ought to work) and the program make.

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