Randy S

Tearing apart things and occasionally fixing what's wrong with them.

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This user joined on 03/12/2014.

Things I've Built

Rustic Furniture Refinish

Pressure washed to remove old varnish/stain, stained mismatched pine boards to even colors, electrolytic de-rust hinges and latch, wipe on poly outside, off white "oops" oil paint on the inside.

The ThingTable

rebuilt cabinet for a Ryobi that shook itself apart (originally plastic cabinet.) It's sawing days are done, plan to use the motor with a sanding disk, mounted a vice, a grinding wheel and knife sharpener to the aluminum top, added legs.

Fine Furniture Refinish

Stripped, sanded, stained, shellaced, french polished piano bench.

Logitech Trackball Guts Stuff

I took the electronics out of a Logitech m570, the mouse wheel assembly out of an m325 and then stuffed them into an older, more comfortable trackball from the 90's.

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