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Things I've Built

Electronic Scavenger Hunt Game

I built a battery-powered scavenger hunt puzzle box game. LCD prompts the user with clues to a location and the clue is solved by either arriving at specific GPS coordinates, or scanning an RFID tag. I 3D printed the enclosure

RCA Victor Stereo Cabinet

A roommate of mine found an old 1950's stereo cabinet which I fitted with new speakers, a new turntable, RCA audio jacks, and a Bluetooth music receiver. Wired it all into the original controls

Vending Machine

Enter your selection on a numeric keypad (hearing beeps on each button push) to have your favorite candy dispensed. Visual feedback on an LCD display

Persistence of Vision Machine

I made a vertical column of 32 RGB LEDs spin at several hundred RPM to show an image "floating" in air

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