• Recycled Scale

    02/15/2021 at 11:13 0 comments

    This is a simple scale that I made from recycled components:

    You can see that I attached plastic containers from Ricotta cheese to three 30 cm rulers on top of a plastic bottle filled with water.

    Initially I was considering submitting only a photo of my idea to the Recycled Planets Wix website. However, then I decided that this project needs a more detailed implementation description.

    Step 1: Drill the Hole

    Each ruler had only one hole at one end. Thus I had to drill a hole on the other end of the ruler with my Ozito electric drill.

    I connected multiple rulers to metal vice and one of them did crack during drilling because I used a very thick drill bit.

    Step 2: Attach Plastic Containers

    I attached plastic containers with metal wire.

    Container 1:

    Container 2:

    I used additional metal wire connections:


    Step 3: Attach the Plastic Bottle

    I attached a plastic bottle from Scott's hand sanitizer with Raffia Pollot ropes.

    Step 4: Testing

    I filled the bottle with water because I could not keep both ends of the scale equally balanced and levelled in the air:

  • Recycled Fan

    04/05/2020 at 15:15 0 comments

    The main features of this article include:

    - a high power metal wire stand,

    - the propeller that I made from metal wire and masking tape to save money on a plastic propeller.

    I made this product many years ago and made a few modifications recently as well as taking photos and videos:

    Thus you can trust its reliability.

    The fan is made from a cheap and fast 3 V DC motor.

    The modifications to original design include:

    - separating the two wire terminals separate to avoid a short circuit due to wire pulling,

    - attaching blue tack to prevent the fan from vibrating on the table.

    You can see this device working in the following YouTube videos:

  • Recycled Light Dimmer

    03/13/2020 at 22:52 0 comments

    You can see my device working in the video:

    I ordered a USB solar charger from China. It took a long time to arrive but when it came it was a kit. There were missing parts. There was no wire to attach the solar cell to the USB power supply and the rechargeable battery was missing. I figured I could use the USB power supply if I connect it to wind generator. I could not find a use for the bright LED that came with the kit.

    Yesterday I found this article on https://instructables.com:


    Step 1: Design the Circuit

    I drawn the following circuit on PSpice student edition:

    The method for calculating the maximum LED current is explained in the Instructable.

    Step 2: Build the Circuit

    I chosen Rv1 as only 100 ohms because my power supply is 3 volts. You cannot see it in the photo because it is behind the potentiometer. Rv2 is an 2 kohm resistor that I had for many years from an old appliance that I taken apart many years ago.

    My hobby solder would not stick to PCB tracks and the holes were very small. Thus I used wire wrap wire.

    i attached the circuit to foam packaging material piece with high power insulated wires and attached the potentiometer to the packaging foam piece with 2 mm metal wire bits.

    You can see that in the video that the connections are not very reliable.

    Probably I should have tried drilling the holes to make them wider or using solder flux to allow sticking of solder to the PCB tracks.