• how to run godot games on legacy hardware!

    06/07/2023 at 16:18 0 comments

    godot engine throwing an engine due to my laptop having an integrated gpu
                                                  godot engine diying due to an integrated gpu

         GODOT GAMES ON LEGACY HARDWARE: a tutorial!

         i have a really old dell latitude d630 i bought for $20. (long story) these old laptop's have an integrated gpu! most laptops made around 2001 have one. 

    godot dosent have great support for old cpu's, and it hase none for integrated gpu's.

    to be honest, this makes since! because a integrated gpu is taylor made for the computer it goes in,, godot would have to make a driver for every laptop with an integrated gpu!

    and nobody wants to do that!

                                                                                     i thought this was the end

                                                                             for being able to run godot games.

     BUT! After literally hours of research, i found a way!

    thers this thing called mesa. it's an open source version of opengl, vulcan, and a few more!  

                                                        but how does it work?????

    games call on opengl, via commands or scripts. on these old computers, opengl ether dosent exist, or cant communicate with the gpu (again, because it's integrated.)

    all mesa3d does, is act like a translator between the opengl commands, and the commands the gpu uses!     thats it!    wow!

    but downloading and running mesa3d is annoying and hard.   (at least to me.)

    so after even MORE reserch, i found this thing called


    the mesa injector is an simple way to run mesa on windows!

    it runs a program, finds all the stuff and settings for you, and bam! mesa!

    here's the installation page!

    The only problem is deciding which version to download.