Coder by day, hacker by night. Sometimes cyclist and infrequent pilot.

Silicon Valley
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This user joined on 03/01/2014.

Things I've Built

Shapeoko 3 XXL Build

This thing started as an XL but I upgraded to an XXL. I then replaced the controller and wiring to run it off Mach 4 so I could have things like an MPG and touch plate. I’m very happy with this thing.

Prusa i3 MK3 Build

Went together quickly and works great. Best printer I’ve had so far.

Custom Workstation

If you've got a CNC router you should use it!


A stereo class A tube amplifier build.

Robot Lawn Mower

Not quite finished. :)

CNC Mill

This is a Seig X3 / Little Machine Shop HiTorque mini mill that I converted to CNC using the CNC Fusion kit for this machine.

CNC Controller

I drive my PCB mill and my LMS CNC mill with this thing. Uses the TinyG.

PCB Mill / Router

A small mill for punching holes in PCBs I make at home. Based off the ORD Bot Hadron and the TinyG controller from Synthetos.

Dual Bowden Tube mod for Printrbot

The mod was great but the Printrbot still sucked. :)

3D Printer Extruder Tips

I wanted to see how small of a hole I could get.

Single Axis CNC Controller

Based off the Teensy 2.0. Also had a TFT LCD display with graphics.

Reflow Oven PCB

I did a reflow oven toaster conversion and went overboard in creating a replacement controller PCB for it.

Printrbot LC Plus

What a piece of shit.

The Jogglebot

I'm working on a large format FDM printer. Maybe one day I'll get time to finish it. Shown here next to the ORD Bot Hadron for comparison.

Desktop CNC Router

This was my first robot project.

Parallax ELEV-8 Hex Copter

I put together Parallax's ELEV-8 robot including the optional hex rotor upgrade.

Foam Hot Wire Cutter

I needed a way to easily cut the foam for my hex copter case so I made up these hot wire cutters and ran them from my bench power supply

Jamie Hyneman Tables

I built several of these steel tube work tables based off those used by Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters.

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