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Aarhus, Denmark
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This user joined on 07/23/2014.

Things I've Built

Coffe roast monitoring

Arduino based thermocouple readout of 3 different temperatures, compatible with the Artisan coffe roasting software [ ] by emulating a TC4 controller

USB powered bubblegun

Out of battery means out of bubbles. But NO MORE: This gun has been fitted with a 3v3 regulator and a male USB plug, so it can be powered from any USB capable wall-plug, solarcell or batterypack.There is no angry way to say "bubbles" just try...

New buttons for an old hood

Designed using OpenSCAD and printed at Open Space Aarhus. Green is the new white.

Joy Box - For pwning Binding Of Isaac

It's what's on the inside that matters.. Inside this box is an arduino leonardo acting as a keyboard, all buttons and stick are fully remappable via a serial connection, remaps are stored in eeprom. more at:

Giant scrabble

Get some boxes, print some stickers, start playing.. Oh.. and have a giant carpet custom printed with a scrabble board... The best part: Get someone else (the local library) to pay for the whole thing! :D

Improvised cheese slicer

What do you do when you really need to slice some cheese and all you've got is your hackerbag???

Nerdy Jewellery

If you're not afraid of a little nickel and have extra ICs lying around: Go get your glue!

Telescope Aiming Laser Mount

Quick and dirty 3D print of a mount for a laser, that can be used to aim my telescope.. I include it here, because the picture is nice :)


Easy to use computer interface for kids, to change background in a greenscreen environment.

Nerf Ammo Counter

LED bargraph counts down as the trigger is pressed. Future updates include two 18650s to help overcome motor spin-up, and of course a load balancing on those cells .. Make your own:

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