• A First Experience with Tindie

    07/02/2021 at 15:58 0 comments

    First Tindie Product is Up!

    Thought I'd give Tindie a try, and so have put the tiniest project I have up there as a 'for sale' item under a negligible cost.  It seemed a good way to try out the Tindie ecosystem from creation of a product, to figuring out their shipping options, and (maybe?) fulfilling orders and collecting data on uptake etc.

    So the Dummy Coin Cell battery is up there now (Just approved and went live yesterday!).  You can see it at this location.

    It was a pretty easy process to pull together, but does take some aforethought to get suitable pictures, write an comprehensible description, and figure out shipping options.  I wasn't expecting approval to take a week, but perhaps they're busy given lots of people at home during a (slightly waning?) pandemic and all.

  • This is a Page

    06/22/2021 at 15:44 0 comments

    Apparently I can create pages of some sort on hackaday. This is just a test.

    Let's see what they look like.