• How to download twitter videos

    11/17/2022 at 11:35 0 comments

    There's no software to install, making the desktop version of Twitter the simplest way to download a video. Start by copying and pasting the direct link to the video from the tweet into your browser. GIFs can be viewed using this technique. Use the Twitter video downloader service to download videos from Twitter.

    You can follow these procedures to download your videos from Twitter:

    1. Twitter will launch once you have opened the video you want to download.

    2. Choose that to send the video to someone.

    3. Click Copy link after selecting Share Tweet through.

    4. Go to Twitter Video Downloader in your browser once it is open.

    5. After copying the URL, paste it.

    6. Choose the video’s quality before downloading it.

    7. Download the video, at last.

  • How to compress Image size without losing quality

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    The first is an extremely user-friendly website called Jpeg Compress. To upload files, use drag-and-drop or the Upload File button.
    The image will be automatically compressed/reduced in size after being submitted, saving you the hassle of manually turning on this option.
    We are able to download the results to the

    after completion, on a computer.
    Visitors may lose patience and leave your website before they can get the information they were looking for because pages with large file sizes load more slowly than sites with smaller file sizes. This could lead to lower conversion rates on your website.
    Thankfully, once you know how, speeding up a website is easy; one of the simplest and quickest methods to do this is by compressing the images on the page.