Electronic engineering student at Uni of York. 19yo

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MSGEQ7 Breakout

I really didn't enjoy having to keep resuing the same components for an MSGEQ7 chip every time I wanted to use one. Even worse was if I just decided I wanted to move it a few rows on the breadboard. I decided a breakout was needed.

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Mike Bechek wrote 03/09/2016 at 01:39 point

March 8, 2016

Hi there,
This project looks super interesting. My startup out of Harvard Business School ( is looking to work with someone ASAP on something similar -- would you be interested in having a call with me and my team? Please e-mail me at mbechek(at)
The project consists of integrating a matrix of LEDs into a Tshirt with the goal of displaying the text and images on the Tshirt. The content displayed on the LEDs will be controlled from the user’s phone via an app that connects through Bluetooth to a microcontroller located in the Tshirt. The initial functionality of the project as well as the hardware and software architecture will be very similar to the one showed here:

However a few minor changes will be introduced. The major ones being: i) a customized app; ii) a Bluetooth link through the UART port of ATmega microcontroller instead of SPI; iii) possibility of displaying images (not for initial release).

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