15 Results for "3D printing"

  • Prashant

  • I am into 3D Printing, searching for new designs and new aspirations
  • saravanan

  • I am an individual researcher. My researches are mainly in 3D printing CAD/CAM/CAE.
  • Ukrafty

  • Online Market Place: Buy and Sell custom 3D designs, 3D Models, STL and OBJ Files , 3D design for 3D printing @ Ukrafty ❤️
  • Chandan N H

  • Interested in physics. Affinity towards practical than merely reading theory. Love to work and build 3d printers, cnc etc.
  • vikranthrnd

  • R&D Engineer- Working on many platforms like Electronics,3D Printers,Medical Equipment's
  • Sagnik

  • Arduino , Unity 3d , Blender , Java , C# , RasberryPi , Electronics and other stuff
  • Aditya Pradhan

  • I am a student tinkerer , a coder , graphics designer , arduino lover , and am really interested in engineering 3d models .
  • Manoj Hurkat

  • Hobbyist I like to learn and make small Electronic and Automation projects that can help children learn while having fun. I